Copper Top Labradors – - Our 2009 Litter

Copper Top’s Duke & Dixie were Sire & Dam for our 2009 litter, as is the case for our upcoming August 2012 litter. The following pictures show the amazing evolution of our litter, highlighted by one of our most satisfied customers’ puppy – Copper Top’s Little Miss Cocoa.

Copper Top’s Put Up Ya Dukes (Sire)

Copper Top’s Whistling Dixie (Dam)

Copper Top Labradors 2009 Litter

If you do your homework, you will find that many experts recommend you select your puppy and bring him/her home on precisely the 49th day of their little lives.  Read more about this in one of our favorite books: “Game Dog” by Richard A. Wolters.

Copper Top’s Little Miss Cocoa – Day 49

Cocoa (female) was purchased by a new customer from Ohio.  We kept in touch, offering our experience and advice when questions came up from this first time lab owner.  Cocoa is now a healthy, muscular, 90 pound hunting machine yet gentle and loving family companion.  If you wish to talk to our past customers, we will make every effort to put you in touch.

Copper Top’s Cocoa 3 Months

Copper Top’s Cocoa 6 Months

Copper Top’s Cocoa 1 Year – Rooster

Copper Top’s Cocoa – Dakota Greenhead

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