Painted on a Turkey Feather or Fan

Lightning Toms

Those who are serious about their Turkey Hunting often refer to this magnificent creature as the Thunder Chicken.  In this wildlife scene by artist Ryan Beeson you can practically hear the sound of of the great gobblers thunder as lightning strikes.  This larger work of art is captured on 2 Turkey Fan Feathers, molded together to expand the size of the scene.

2 Turkey Fan Feathers – This is an Original Work of Wildlife Art from Beeson Outdoor Adventures.

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• Authentic Wild Turkey Feather • Original Work of Art – No Two Feathers or Scenes are Identical • Hand Painted in Amazing Detail • Signed by Artist Ryan Beeson • UNFRAMED (see product listings for framed options) SHIPPING: Please allow 2-3 Weeks from Date of Purchase. This Painted Turkey Feather is an Original Work of Art. Packaged in a protective sleeve, on cardboard, all in a standard box. Ships USPS with Tracking Number SIZE: 2 Turkey Fan Feathers ALL TURKEY FEATHERS VARY IN SIZE TO SOME DEGREE All products are subject to slight variations because they are all ORIGINAL WORKS OF ART.

Price: $225.00

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