Painted on a Turkey Feather

Canadian Geese in Flight

Goose Hunting at its best.  The heart pounding cackle of Canadian Geese coming into your spread, whether over the open water, great plains marsh, or midwest corn stubble, is what waterfowl hunters dream about.  In this beatuful wildlife scene, artist Ryan Beeson captures the final moments when all fowlers wait to hear the words… “Take Em!”

This is an Original Work of Wildlife Art.

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• Authentic Wild Turkey Feather • Original Work of Art – No Two Feathers or Scenes are Identical • Hand Painted in Amazing Detail • Signed by Artist Ryan Beeson • UNFRAMED (see product listings for framed options) • Very Limited Quantity – Act Fast SHIPPING: Please allow 2-3 Weeks from Date of Purchase. This Painted Turkey Feather is an Original Work of Art. Packaged in a protective sleeve, on cardboard, all in a standard box. Ships USPS with Tracking Number SIZE: Approximately 11″ Long x 3″ Wide is the entire Turkey Feather ALL TURKEY FEATHERS VARY IN SIZE TO SOME DEGREE WEIGHT: Light as a Feather! COLOR: As seen in the pictures shown here. Turkey feathers are primarily from the birds tail/fan. All products are subject to slight variations because they are all ORIGINAL WORKS OF ART.

Price: $135.00

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